Terms & Conditions

1. By visiting the website users of the platform accept the set Terms and Conditions and also follow the requirements and regulations of the jurisdiction they open an account from. All the materials here are protected by copyright and trademark laws. Players also are aware that terms can be updated, so administration can change them without notifying. When the visitors don’t accept the following conditions, then using the website is prohibited.

2. According to the License capacity, visitors can use the information of the site as well as download it as soon as it is done in personal purposes. Since the goals are material and commercial, the usage is forbidden. Whether the materials are used printed or electronic way. Besides, the list of restrictions also regulates the actions of users. Here are the things which are prohibited.

It’s not allowed to do the following:

  • use the materials in any kind of public presentations;
  • enable other people to start using the data or software;
  • copy or make any changes, including modifying of the copyright which is linked to the site;
  • use the data particularly which can lead to its misuse.

As the information on the website is introductory, there no any guarantees provided. The following data works as a sample. The work of other websites which are linked to this one is not controlled by the following platform, so no any warranty for the materials of the connected resources is provided.

4. Visitors accept any responsibilities for the actions which took place by using the website information to be on their own. Users also are aware that any damages whether they are direct or verbal cannot be the responsibility of the platform which provides the data. The website also is not chargeable for any links on the website, not depending on the content of the resource they lead to.

5. Users realise that technical or image mistakes can take place as the systematic control of the updating information is not provided. While, on the contrary, the data can be modified at the discretion of the website owners without notification of the users.

6. The regulation of any issues is first provided according to the Laws and Legislative measures, even including the cases when they are controversial with the following Term and Conditions.