Virtual Reality Casinos – Make Gambling Come Realistic

VR casino

Since all the casino games are available on computers and smartphones, players can play all those slots just online. But to feel the realistic gambling atmosphere virtual reality casinos also take place. We gather the platforms with the following options and explain how to get started. Read the review and choose the platform to enjoy VR slots online.

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Pros and Cons

The option is innovative which means both advantages and some weak sides. Well, take a look at both for you to decide whether the option is worth it. So, what are the pros and cons of VR casinos?


First of all, its a new experience which cant be compared with anything else. What other benefits can we name?

  • Players feel like having a real visit to the gambling house, though they are staying at home or somewhere else.
  • As the option is perspective, the leading providers try to adapt their games to go on VR gadgets.
  • Demo mode also takes place, so users can play virtual reality casino games for free.

You connect the web and that’s it: you have already joined the game.


Now let’s discuss the weak sides which are not essential, but still, take place. Well, what are they?

  • The point is that the option is new, which also means that not all developers and platforms can accept it now. Though the list of accepting VR casinos is growing and we try to update the list.
  • The other thing is that not all the games can be played for money.
  • One more difficulty is that you have to buy software which can be quite expensive sometimes. Especially when your PC or phone is old and you need to update them to run the games in a good quality.

Though when you are planning to play VR casino games, you are already prepared that the equipment is not so cheap.

VR casino games

Imagine the visit to the gambling house and now realize that you can have all the same and even more, but just at home. The variety is diverse, so different kinds are here to entertain risk lovers. Well, what games are in?


All these reels with thematic pictures according to the plot are making up profitable combinations. You can play games about Egypt, look for ocean treasures, meet fairy tale heroes. As for the features, you modify the bet, select the number of lines. While playing gamblers can face additional options like bonus levels, free spins. So VR slots are a really worthy thing to try out.


Card games definitely make up the majority of casino games and poker is one of those types. Whether you are a fan of Texas Holdem or of Seven-Card Stud, you have a good range of games to choose from. And due to the opportunities of VR options, it’s difficult indeed to see the difference between the real-life game and the VR type.


You are a fan of games with dice? This entertainment is also in as craps in different variations go on the platforms we offer in the list. Trying to predict the number and viewing the good-looking croupiers is a really stunning way to have fun.


Guessing the number and the parameters of the place where the ball stops (odd or even number, black or red color) is what the roulette really is. Different kinds are available. You hear the ball knocking the wheel which is spinning slower and slower and each moment brings a real excitement.

Advantages & Disadvantages between Online casino and VR

As for social interaction, online casinos cannot boast it as good as any VR casino can. Even the live chat with a real voice seems to be quite innovative. But the variety of platforms is where online casinos take the advantage: not a lot of platforms can boast the VR option yet. The variety of games is also more about online casinos as well as playing on real money. Most of the online slots are not adapted to play VR yet, though the situation will definitely change soon as the future is coming.

VR glasses for casino

Don’t know what device to choose for your virtual gambling adventure? Here are several ideas for you. You should also pay attention to the required parameters of the device which will go with your glasses. For example, you need at least 8GB+ RAM and NVIDIA GTX 970 or better for your PC. So, what VR glasses to buy for playing slots?

Oculus Rift

A standard model is the most popular due to its experience in the VR area and the good price goes on PC. Amazon gives the model 4 of 5 stars in the review and offers it for about 400 USD, though the price can change as you can find profitable deals or, on the contrary, buy a more advanced model with additional features. As for the standard set, you get the headset with the controllers.

Samsung Gear VR

This device is more budget-friendly as you can get one for about 130 USD. It supports several Samsung phones (Galaxy S8, S8+, S9, S9+). The motion controller goes with a touchpad button. Of course, the quality of what you see depends on the device you choose. So when you play on a bit old phone, the result won’t be so stunning as on the modern models.


How to play casino VR?
The first thing you have to do is to choose the VR casino, download the necessary software and sign up. Then your task is to choose the games and start playing.

What I need to play in a VR Casino?
You need a device on which you can run the game – a PC or a smartphone depends on the kind of VR glasses you choose. Then goes the VR equipment itself. Besides, the account in the casino you select is also necessary.

Do I have to download casino?
Yes, as the casino software on your device allows to use all the options of the platform, including VR. Though in future the platforms are planning to make it available just online.

Can I play in VR casino online?
You can do it, but without your VR equipment, so it will look like the common game in the online casino. While the VR games require to install the platforms software.

Can I talk in casino VR poker?
Yes, you can talk with other players. So remember about safety rules and don’t provide your personal data while chatting.